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Published: September 10, 2018

ASQA revokes another suspension decision

With a mere two weeks before the suspension was to come into effect, we certainly had our work laid out. Comprehensive validations for some fourteen units had to be undertaken after which assessment tools and assessment tool kits for each of these units needed to be redesigned and/or created from scratch. And that was merely the start of it.

Alex Schroder, CEO of VetPrep Australia, says: “a mammoth task lay ahead of us; apart from the validations and assessment rectifications, we also needed to do Professional Development TNA’s, planning and delivery in record time whilst simultaneously working with our client in developing a strategy for its survival.

We developed a two-pronged strategy which included an application for an ASQA Reconsideration whilst simultaneously positioning the RTO for a successful Tribunal outcome should the reconsideration application fail. All of these measures however, would have been nothing more than a temporary fix unless we were able to identify and indeed rectify, the root of the problems.

After in-depth operational analysis and ROI analysis, the CEO and Board of Directors agreed to a number of significant changes to ensure this organisation’s survival in this ever-changing VET climate.

Looking back, my team and I are truly proud of what we achieved within approximately six weeks, but then again, that’s exactly what VetPrep is geared towards.

Our VetPrep team comprises Compliance Experts, Validation Specialists, Design Professionals, Business Improvement Specialists and Professional Development Experts.

This RTO still has a long way to go but we’ve been given a 12-month reprise without having to go to the Tribunal.”

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